Welcome to Rotenburg Guitar Week! ■ ■ ■ from 28.07 bis 05.08. 2018

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Guitar orchestra and chamber music

An important focus of our festival is playing together. We will send sheets of music before the course for orchestra and chamber music by mail.

Guitar Orchestra is mandatory. All participants prepare together the public concert at the end of the Guitar Week. This year we are going to play a world premiere: Luis Manuel Molina wrote a Concierto de Rotenburg for solo guitar and guitar orchestra for our 35th anniversary. You can support us to realize this project with a donation. For more information see home/non profit

Chamber music is voluntary. There are likely to 5 rehearsals and an performance either in public participants concert or in internal final concert. Each participant can be seen the sheets of music here and sign up for a group notes. Because some pieces are protected by copyright, only the participants of the Rotenburg Guitar Week can access to this page with your email address and password.

Our groups for 2017 are not created rigth now. We let you know as soon as possible:


Log in here: Chamber music  (We will issue the password to the participants as soon as we have created the groups)

Chamber music!

You can rehearse outside...

... or inside...

... and you can present it in participant's concert.

At the end you get definitely applause.