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Commssion for Luis Manuel Molina

In 2017 we celebrate "35 years of the Rotenburger Guitar Week".
For over 25 years the Cuban guitarist and composer Luis Manuel Molina has been a great friend of our festival. He has written several pieces for solo guitar, guitar ensembles and guitar orchestras. On the occasion of the anniversary, we would like to invite him to a composition commission.

The economic situation in Cuba is not easy. This is why we want to pay a fair fee and the travel and accommodation costs. We need your help. Our thanks:

  • For 50 EUR (and more) you receive a pocket score of the commissioned music with the list of names of the donators (or anonymous, if you wish)    
  • For 100 EUR (and more) you get a pocket score ot the commsissionded music with the list of names of the donators and 2 FestivalCards for the three concerts of the Rotenburger guitar week 2017. The exact dates see http://www.rotenburger-gitarrenwoche.de/en/konzerte.html

Click Donate Action and complete the form so that we can issue you a donation certificate.


Thank you so much!


Who is behind the Rotenburg Guitar Week, and how is the Festival financed?


The Rotenburg Guitar Festival recently celebrated its 30th anniversary. It took place for the first time in 1982, in Wilstedt. Within two years, it outgrew its original location and moved to Ahausen, where a larger facility became available. The first picture shows the founders of the festival, Grant Gustafson, Hans Wilhelm Kaufmann and Dirk Lemmermann.


The Festival is organized and financed via the "Förderverein der Rotenburger Gitarrenwoche e.V.", an officially registered non-profit association with tax-exempt status. 


The Festival depends on the financial support of companies, institutions and private persons. Now we are seeking to broaden our support base – and we're asking for your support!

The funding provided to us by sponsors and donors enables us to:


    • organize our international summer concerts

    • provide scholarships to deserving guitarists who would otherwise be unable to join us

    • commission compositions

    • finance the Rotenburg Guitar Festival in a way that will enable us to carry on for at least 30 more years!


In other words, this is a worthy cause! All donations – whether one-time general donations, regular contributions or specially earmarked donations – are always very welcome!

We have set up a secure PayPal account for donations and here you can enter your name and emaill address and then you can donate easily via PayPal. See next page

Please watch this space in the future for information about our plans and goals.


Förderverein der Rotenburger Gitarrenwoche e.V.

(Association of the Rotenburg Guitar Week)

1. Chairman: Hans Wilhelm Kaufmann

2. Chairman: Dr. Dirk Lemmermann

Treasurer: Elke Pütz

Secretary: Viola Weiser


Such were the founders, when the Rotenburg Guitar were founded:
Grant Gustafson, Hans Wilhelm Kaufmann, Dirk Lemmermann:

And just as the association foundation became serious:

We discuss seriously, how we use the donations sensible:

and agreed us quickly...