Welcome to Rotenburg Guitar Week! ■ ■ ■ from 28.07 bis 05.08. 2018

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The team of the Rotenburg Guitar Festival


The commitee of the Rotenburg Guitar Festival is also the organisation team and the board of our non-profit association. More information and how to support us: here 
The members are...



Hans Wilhelm Kaufmann is the art director of the festival and invites guest lecturers and is responsible for the big picture - unless he is just on teaching ..


Dirk Lemmermann is responsible for the press work all throughout the year. Also he's the connection to the locals, being able to speak their language – Low German.


 Elke Pütz is the treasurer of the organisation. Above that she makes sure every participant and teacher has a nice stay, including the organisation of rooms, the food and the shopping.


Viola Weiser organizes the organisation, e.x. collecting the brilliant ideas of the commitee. She also draws up timetables, has a good eye for details and looks after the social media.


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